Real Estate Services

  • "Brown" field investment management
  • Temporary rent of production space during your start up phase of investment
  • Rent of offices for your representation
  • Rent or aquisition of a residence for your ex-patriats
  • Business Centers Management

Brown field halls for sale / rent:

Velky Saris 4700m² hall and 30.000m² land è sale price 1,3mil.€
Kechnec 4800m² hall and 50.000m² industrial land è sale price 3,5mil.€
Kosice 6000m² hall è rent 3,5 €/m²/month

Industrial land for sale:

Hlohovec 32.271 m²
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è 50,- €/m²
Mokrance 47 hectares è 20,- €/m²
Trebisov 11 hectares è 22,- €/m²
Zaborské-Prešov 10 hectares è 30,- €/m²


Production floor: 5000m2 for rent at 3€/m2/month excl.energies
Office space 6,5€/m2/month incl.energies
Parking space: 30€/month/place
Additional info: Floor plan
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