Business Start-up package

Project management

  • Re-allocation feasibility study of your activities
  • Prospecting and project management of possible “brown” or “green” field production sites:
    • Market search for brown/green fields.
    • Obtaining of building/land.
    • Organization of tender for architects.
    • Management of Project documentation preparation. (assurance of deadlines and PD in line with investor specifications).
    • Obtaining of necessary licenses and permissions for construction/reconstruction.
    • Organization of tender for main constructor.
    • Management of construction (cost management, deadlines, quality, investor specifications...)
  • Turn-key green field projects

Operations Management

  • Investment Consulting
    • Foreign Direct Investment
      • Market search for local suppliers/clients
      • Real-estate services (brown fields, ex-patriat accommodation)
      • Senior management
      • Risk management
      • Custom issues
      • Legal issues
      • JV Management
    • Privatization
    • Business Plans Development for:
      • potential foreign investors
      • companies seeking for investment
  • Feasibility study of your activities
  • Initial pilot-project under supervision of EIC for a period of 12 to 24 months in terms of establishment and complete operations of company including:
    • Registration of your subsidiary or operations under EIC Business Centers. Here EIC takes a role of executive to ensure start-up deadlines, licenses and exclude corruption.
    • Recruitment of the personnel
    • Administration of application for investment incentives (tax and employment)
    • Assistance to ex-patriat (accommodation, contacts with local authorities...)
    • Acquisition or rent of production/office premises (brown field)
    • Obtaining all of the necessary licenses for start of production
    • Local suppliers database
    • Customs services
    • Other
  • Financial, accounting, and HR services
1. Personal administration* (35 employees – big company) Price
Processing of documents for payroll calculation and payroll calculation 300 EURO/month
Paper work, reporting, payroll tax , insurance payments, negotiations with relevant offices 100 EURO/month
+ each employee 9 EURO/month

* - Price offer for personal administration is made for 35 employees. For more people the price growths accordingly.

2. Bookkeeping** Price
Documents processing, documents account, assembly of documents, financial statements...
a) up to 500 documents 500 EURO/month
b) up to 1000 documents 750 EURO/month
c) over 1000 documents 1 000 EURO/month
Overall yearly assembly of documents 100 EURO/month
Overhead costs (forms, back-up media…) 25 EURO/month

**-- Price for bookkeeping depends on number and complexity of documents.