Company Start of cooperation Investment Consulting Subcontracting Operations Managm. Project Managm. Bookkeeping Personal Admin. State Aid
Willemen International (BEL) 2016       Kazakhstan projects      
FMTG (AUT) 2016       Croatia – Senia Residential project      
BOLEKA (SK) 2016             X
COLAS (FRA) 2016 Office building sale            
MANYLA (SK) 2016 Kežmarok land sale            
Willemenstav sro (BEL) 2015       Start-up Košice office      
LAMETT (BEL) 2015             X
AMTB (BEL) 2014       phase 2 and 3 green field construction      
WILLEMEN GROEP (BEL) 2014 commercial advisory            
DELTRIAN (BEL) 2014       green field construction      
BOUYGUES (FRA) 2014       development matchmaking      
FALKENSTEINER (AUT) 2014       development matchmaking      
DENYS (BEL) 2014 commercial advisory            
EDM (BEL) 2014       green field construction      
DONALDSON (USA) 2014       green field lease      
MEDLINE (USA) 2014       green field lease      
INTECO (UA) 2014 management advisory     green field lease      
LVD COMPANY (BEL) 2013       green field expansion      
GOHR (SK) 2012 Iindustrial park selection           X
BRIDGWATER (UK) 2012 Real-estate advisory
Industrial park selection
BRONX International (AUS) 2012 Brown field real-estate survey            
MEDLINE (USA) 2012 Industrial park selection            
ARIES (FRA) 2012 Land survey     Green field building     X
GRANDWOOD (GER/TUR) 2012 Industrial park selections     Green field building     X
QATENA (LUX/BEL) 2012             X
LVD Worldwide Service Center (BEL) 2012 office real-estate survey           X
EDM (BEL/SK) 2011             EU-Fund application
VERHOFSTÉ (BEL) 2011             EU-Fund application
VALEO (FRA) 2011             X
RFT-CESAM (BEL) 2011             EU-Fund application
Erasmus-Euroset (BEL) 2011 Start-up and real-estate advisory            
FMTG-FALKENSTEINER (AUT) 2010 JV partner survey           X
Plastiflex (BEL) 2010       green field     X
ASPEL (BEL) 2010             X
LVD Company (BEL) 2009       green field     X
ICU Medical Inc. (USA) 2009             X
GKN Off-highway Plc.(UK) 2008 Green field investment survey            
INGOS (SK) 2006       Industrial park development      
VALERES (BEL) 2006       Green field project management      
DYFAN Investments (BEL) 2006        Industrial park development      
GKN Wheels (UK) 2006 X            
PROFITUBE (SK)  2006 X            
UNOMEDICAL (DK) - Slovakia 2006        x    
PIA bvba (BEL) - Slovakia 2006 Real Estate Investment            
VALEO (FRA) - Slovakia 2005       green field location      
GILBOS (BEL) - Slovakia 2005 Investment Incentives            
Westaflex Automotive Group (FRA) - Slovakia 2005  Labor Incentives   X brown field  x X  
FTE Automotive Slovakia (GER) - Slovakia 2005 Real Estate Services            
NEXANS (FRA) - Slovakia 2005 X            
PARTS&COMPONENTS (BEL) -Slovakia 2005 X            
GLUNZ & JENSEN - (DK) - Slovakia 2004 Investment Incentives     brown field      
MFC Commodities (AUT) - Slovakia 2004         VAT administration    
IPA Composites (BEL) - Romania 2004 X X   brown field      
RGT (GER) - Romania 2004 X   brown field        
RO-BAGS (ITA) - Romania 2004 X   brown field        
JONCKHEERE (BEL) - Slovakia 2004 X   X  brown field X X  
VAN GEEL GROUP (NL) - Slovakia 2003 Investment Incentives   Temporary brown field/ green field   X X  
PANASONIC Rechargeable batteries  (Japan) - Romania 2003 X X   brown field      
MAZAK (UK) - Slovakia 2003 X   X brown field X X  
TRIDENT ALLOYS (UK) - Slovakia 2002 X            
GILBOS (BEL) - Slovakia 2002 X   Temporary brown field/ green field green field X X  
CONCORDIA (BEL) - Romania 2002 X            
GO FIT (BEL) - Slovakia 2002 X            
BETATEX (BEL) - Slovakia 2002 X            
DONALDSON EUROPE N.V. (USA) - Slovakia 2002 X            
P&C (BEL) - Romania 2002 X X          
SANPAREIL (BEL) - Slovakia 2002 X X          
EUROTWICE (BEL) - Romania 2002 X   X offices X X  
VIA SYSTEMS (USA) - Slovakia 2001 X            
LAMBERTS&ZONEN (BEL) - Slovakia 2001 X            
STAR FASHION (CZ) - Slovakia 2001 X            
DIFFERENTE (BEL) - Slovakia 2001 X   X retail X X  
INSIDE COMMUNICATIONS (BEL) - Slovakia 2001 X   X offices X X  
  • Investor Type Ia: Subcontracting / Purchasing
  • Investor Type Ib: Outsourcing mainly assembly work
  • Investor Type II: Registration subsidiary, rented halls
  • Investor Type III: Green / Brown field purchase